Improve Your Life With Rehabilitation

Get a Personal Trainer to Help You Heal

Better Life Chiropractic & Massage PC provides personal training for patients, along with chiropractic adjustments. Our clinic works with each patient to create a program tailored to that patient's specific health needs and wellness goals.

A patient's current injury, long-term goals, and previous level of activity greatly impact the type of training that is appropriate following an injury. This ensures that the patient is safely engaging in exercises that target the right core muscles without risking injury.

When healing from an injury, building core muscle strength helps reduce the occurrence of pain. Strengthening these muscles will help hold the spine in place. Exercises can also bring flexibility and coordination back to the body following injury.

Depending on a patient's injury, a typical session with the personal trainer may involve moderate strength training, low-impact cardio, and core work. 
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Increase Your Strength and Conditioning

If your primary goal is to become well-balanced, capable of all elements of fitness — strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, speed, agility, power, accuracy, coordination, and balance, we can provide you with the tools you will need to accomplish your goals.
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Weight Loss and Nutritional Education

We will teach you how to eat properly and maintain your individual goal weight. Exercise and nutrition are the perfect combination to achieve weight loss and keep it off.
Almira Pulis

Almira Pulis — Certified Personal Trainer

"I have been a personal trainer for over 3 years. My goal is to provide stretches and strengthening exercise to alleviate and eliminate patterns of pain that limit mobility, flexibility, and quality of life."
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