Excellent Care After an Accident

The Health Risks of Motor Vehicle Accidents

No matter the severity of a motor vehicle accident, studies show that long-term spinal health implications from auto accidents can be a major issue. Even minor accidents involving motor vehicles going as slow as 6 miles per hour can induce damage to the neck and the back. This damage is capable of producing symptoms that last longer than a year if they're not treated.

The long-term effects of motor vehicle accidents are not always felt instantly; they can sometimes take days or weeks to be felt. Accidents may result in severe limb, lower back, and neck pain. Other symptoms can include fatigue, restricted ranges of motion, or headaches. Get the help you need after an accident from Better Life Chiropractic & Massage PC.
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Get First-Rate Treatment

Chiropractic care with massage is critical for the treatment of any injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. This is because chiropractic care treats soft-tissue injuries, notably those involving the spine. The most common injuries in motor vehicle accidents are sprains and strains of ligaments and spinal muscles.

Fortunately, injuries from auto accidents are treatable, and long-lasting symptoms are preventable. If you've been in an auto accident, call our chiropractor clinic, and we can discuss the ways we may be able to help you. We can treat and prevent the long lasting symptoms sustained in an automobile accident.

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